We allow you to which weeks you want to attend and which hours: am and/or pm

Hours: 9-12pm and/or 12-3pm

July 5-August 11, 2017.

Our teaching staff are specially trained and supervised on-site by the director, Susan Hendler.  Staff backgrounds include Speech Pathology; Elementary Education; Curriculum and Instruction; and so on. 

Sociable Kidz ®

1600 Harrison Ave. Suite 105

Mamaroneck, New York 10543


Our SUMMER FUN CLUB gives younger children (K-2) the chance to enjoy social skills in shorter, more manageable bursts. Each  week has a theme such as Friendship, Teamwork and so on.

parent perspectives...

"This program has been a life-saver for us...
With small groups and individualized attention, kids attending the Summer Fun Club get a chance to work on social skills like starting conversations, building friendships, sharing, and taking turns—while having fun, too. Typical kids activities with a social-skills twist (compliment kickball, for instance) help build social confidence in students with speech delays, Asperger’s, ADHD, and high functioning autism spectrum disorders, as well as shy kids who just need an extra push. Owner and Scarsdale kindergarten teacher Susan Hendler works with parents to customize the program so each child is working on the specific skills they need."

quote - Mom of Natalie, 6, New Rochelle

"We were looking for a summer activity for our daughter and heard about Summer Fun Club  by Sociable Kidz . Immediately, we thought that it was a great idea.  Essentially, Summer Fun Club is the same Sociable Kidz  we have grown to love except during the summer daily for longer.  It was a life saver for us this summer since our daughter was not at all prepared for a traditional summer camp program. This program provided a small group of 6 kids in her class, all with similar interests and limitations. They all learned and  played together. I believe this environment gave them the added confidence that they needed. Our daughter was so excited every morning to be going to what she coined as “mini camp”.  For us,  Summer Fun Club was like camp with training wheels. Everyday our daughter learned a new skill; conversation, friendship, bullying, turn taking. All these skills were reinforced with craft projects and  both indoor and outdoor  games. We were so lucky to have this over the summer  and consider it a  complete success.  
We look forward to next year’s Summer Fun Club!!"

      Neil-New Rochelle, New York

​"Choosing the Sociable Kidz® Summer Fun Club was the best choice I could have made for my son! Not only does he love going to camp everyday, but for the first time in all his "schooling", I don't worry about him after I drop him off. As soon as we arrive each morning, we are greeted by one of the caring, talented teachers and my son is swept right into a day full of games, stories, arts and crafts, and and so much more. He is having such a great time with these activities that he hardly notices the"social"lessons that are woven into each project. From the structure and routine to the individualized plans and incentives, my son has greatly benefited from his time at the Summer Fun Club. In fact, after completing the first session, I was so impressed with how much improvement I saw in my son's social behaviors, as well as with how proud, confident, and successful he felt about himself, I quickly signed him up for the second session too. The program Sociable Kidz® offers is I said, the best choice I could have made!" 

Wendy-Scarsdale, New York



for     GRADES K-2





Sociable Kidz Summer Fun Club

The Summer of a lifetime for children